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Endy Accessory Products

Endy Accessory Products

Endy Accessory Products


Free shipping is available to the 10 provinces in Canada and there is a non-refundable shipping surcharge for orders shipping out to the Canadian Territories. There is no fee or deductible required for the product, and transportation of any replacement is free to any provincial street address in Canada.
Should you choose a delivery service or option provided directly through one of Endy’s delivery providers, the delivery contract at that point will be directly between you and the delivery partner, not Endy. Endy will no longer be able to act as your primary point of contact for shipping inquires.

Size Exchanges

If the incorrect size is ordered, a one-time size exchange will be offered within the 60-Night Trial. Receiving a replacement does not restart the 60-Night Trial, however the Trial will be paused while the replacement is in transit. To limit the impact on the environment, it is strongly recommended to determine the correct size required before an order is placed.


The product, opened or unopened, can only be returned within the 60-Night Trial. In the event of a return, the pickup address can differ from the original delivery address, however it must be a valid street address within Canada. Any environmental and/or customer-inflicted damage will disqualify the ability to exchange or return. Additionally, to ensure our mattresses can be donated to charities, all returns must be in good condition and free of stains/damage.

Customer may return a maximum of two (2) of each product line per initial order, validated by the order number, customer name, or shipping address. Please try our products first before ordering in large quantities.

Any returned product type will not be eligible for additional subsequent trials (i.e. if you return a Mattress, you will not be eligible for another 60-night trial on future mattress orders).

Once a return is requested and the required information has been provided for a pillow, sheet, and/or mattress protector return, Endy will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. The shipping label is valid for two (2) weeks after being requested and must be shipped before that time in order to be eligible for a return and refund.


Promotional codes or offers cannot be combined and promotional codes cannot be used in combination with the financing option available through PayBright.


Except for the terms provided above, Endy will not charge the purchasers to repair or replace purchaser’s sheets if they are deemed defective during the length of this 1-year Limited Warranty. No new warranty will be provided for the replacement product. The warranty approval process is up to Endy’s sole discretion, and not up to the customer’s interpretation of our warranty policy.


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