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What it's like to be the Dream Team

We truly believe there’s no better place to work than Endy. In the past few years, we’ve had the chance to see our company grow and reach new peaks - and it’s all thanks to our incredible team.

This amazing group of talented and supportive people is a winning mix of creative, fun, and driven hard workers who help and challenge each other to learn, grow, and sometimes have a second Friday afternoon beer. They’re constantly pushing each other to improve on their previous accomplishments, and know that failure isn’t a defeat - it’s just another opportunity to learn. On the other hand, they’re also all about celebrating victories, both big and small, and recognizing their colleagues for their efforts. That’s what makes our team the Dream Team.

Our employees don’t just get an Endy ensemble and access to a newly-renovated office space - they also get the chance to work with the best people in the country, for a company who believes in doing the right thing.

All of our accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our amazing dream team, and we’re always on the lookout for creative and motivated people to help us reach new heights.

Endy Perks

The Best Office

Our newly-renovated and spacious office space in downtown Toronto is equipped with three (!) beds, a ping-pong table, spacious meeting rooms and the beautiful Endy Café. Why would you want to work anywhere else?

An Endy Ensemble

When you work at Endy, you’re all about promoting better sleep - so why shouldn’t you get better sleep yourself? Every new Endy hire receives an assortment of our products, from the Endy Mattress to our signature duvet. After all, good sleep leads to great work, right?

Wellness Days

Parental Leave Program

Complete Endy Ensemble

Flexible Vacation Policy

Health & Lifestyle Benefits

Monthly Team Events

Equal Opportunity Employer

Endy is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, which means we don’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, colour, age, marital status, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, family or parental status, or any other basis protected by law.

We celebrate diversity and embrace differences in cultures, beliefs, skill sets, and perspectives. We are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Current Opportunities

Toronto, Ontario | Operations | Full-time  

Teamwork Leads to Dream Work

Take a look into the Dream Team that works to bring better sleep to all Canadians.

Business Development

Business Development

Our Business Development team consistently grows Endy’s retail brand through retail development, retail partnership, wholesale initiatives, brand partnerships, and marketplace and affiliate programs.

Join our team if you are:


You have the ability to bounce back and look for creative ways to turn things around.


A Go-Getter

You like to take matters into your own hands and show a high-level of responsibility.



You are a disruptor who is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to change and improve.



You are loveable, approachable, and can easily form relationships.



You are success-driven by setting goals and achieving them.



You have an outgoing personality and feel comfortable speaking up and asking questions.




Our Communications team is responsible for conveying the Endy brand message through public relations, organic social media, blog & content, and influencer marketing.

Join our team if you are:


You have the ability to keep up with change and roll with the punches.



You are success-driven and enjoy planning out the necessary steps to get there.



You have great interpersonal skills and people feel like they can easily approach you.


A Natural-Born Leader

You take initiative in your own work and like to take charge and show ownership.


A Strong Communicator

You are a highly-skilled communicator with the ability to convey messages clearly and concisely.



You are focused and determined, regardless of any setbacks.




Our Creative team is the creative force behind the Endy Brand. They create an unforgettable customer experience both online and offline and design packaging, advertisements and content that showcase what Endy is all about.

Join our team if you are:


You are a passionate and highly-motivated person focused on success.



You are open-minded and enjoy trying new things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.



You constantly think of new and improved ways to do things.



You are insightful, intelligent, and have the ability to see what others cannot.


A Team Player

You value other perspectives and skill sets and thrive in a team environment.


Driven to Learn

You always strive to improve your skills and appreciate any feedback to get you there.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience team is the driving force that makes Endy a customer-centric company. Our CS specialists help Endy shine by providing best-in-class customer experience and managing customer relationships with uncompromising expertise, knowledge, and warmth.

Join our team if you are:

A Strong Communicator

Communication is one of your strong-points across all different types of channels.


A Problem-Solver

You like to think outside of the box to come up with creative solutions to problems.



You naturally give help and assistance to others freely.



You have the ability to experience and understand the thoughts and feelings of others.



You are genuinely supportive and always look on the bright side of things.



You are extremely focused on the end goals and are willing to put in extra effort to deliver.


Customer & Product Marketing

Customer & Product Marketing

Our Customer & Product Marketing team makes sure that we are always putting the customer first by understanding their needs and finding creative ways to reach them through email marketing, referral marketing, promotional campaigns and new product development.

Join our team if you are:

A Self-Starter

You are ambitious and use self-motivation to be successful.


Creative Problem-Solver

You are resourceful and enjoy looking for innovative solutions to problems.


Strong Communicator

You are a powerful communicator and can easily and concisely get your message across.



You have the ability to think on a deeper level and discover new meanings.



You are compelling and easy to approach and communicate with.


Highly Organized

You are skilled at prioritizing and staying on top of multiple tasks simultaneously.


Digital Acquisition

Digital Acquisition

Our Digital Acquisition team is the backbone of Endy’s online presence. They focus on the development and implementation of digital marketing campaigns to promote the Endy brand and products, and drive brand awareness within the digital space.

Join our team if you are:

Driven to Learn

You are coachable and always searching for ways to grow and improve.



You can easily adapt and bounce back from any obstacle.


A Strategic Thinker

You like to plan, set goals, implement projects and look for improvements.


A Team Player

You value other ideas and contributions and always look for ways to help others.



You are focused on success and will do anything to get you there.



You are constantly looking for a challenge where you can think on your feet and be creative.


Digital Experience

Digital Experience

Our Digital Experience team ensures we provide an enhanced online experience for all of our users through the user interface, interactions, and experience of our e-commerce site.

Join our team if you are:


You have a team-oriented mindset and have a strong focus on group success.


Strong Communicator

You have the ability to interpret innovative ideas and effectively communicate them into actionable insights.


Flexible / Adaptable

You have a strong ability to adapt to different situations, and like to embrace change.


Eager to Learn

You are always open to new learning or development opportunities with a positive outlook.



You have the drive and determination to find creative solutions to any obstacles.



You are a high-performer and always look for ways to use your skills effectively in different areas.




Our Finance team keeps all of Endy’s finances and financial records on track through budgeting, forecasting, and accurate reviewing & reporting.

Join our team if you are:


You are attentive to the finer details and always ensure everything is done correctly.


A Self-Starter

You are disciplined and drive yourself toward success with self-motivation.



You have a never-give-up attitude and won’t stop until you find a solution.


Driven to Learn

You are coachable and always look for ways to grow and improve.



You possess a positive attitude and always look at the brighter side of things.



You demonstrate a high-level of integrity, fairness, and good judgement at all times.


Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

Our Offline Marketing team focuses on developing and executing all offline media campaigns such as TV, radio, podcasts, out-of-home, and direct mail to constantly grow our offline marketing presence. They’re the reason why you see Endy so much on the TTC!

Join our team if you are:

A Multi-Tasker

You are skilled at managing multiple projects at a time and thrive in a fast-paced environment.



You like to track and make decisions based on data.



You are capable of managing multiple projects at once in an organized and efficient manner.



You like to take risks and test new ideas, without the fear of failure.



You are always willing to consider new ideas or suggestions and take criticism well.



You are imaginative and have a strong sense of imagery.




Our Operations team ensures that we provide quality Endy products and that they are easily accessible to customers. The operations team focuses on all things regarding production, product development, transportation, warehousing, distribution, demand planning, and suppliers.

Join our team if you are:


You can easily interpret situations and proactively adapt with sensible solutions.



You are skilled at finding new and improved ways of doing things through discovering, inventive, and planning.


A Critical-Thinker

You naturally go into a deeper level of thinking to produce innovative ideas.


Skilled Problem-Solver

You can think fast and come up with effective solutions to last-minute problems.



You are kind, approachable, and can easily form relationships.


Team Player

You are helpful, and always seek new ways to be a valuable member to the team.


People & Culture

People & Culture

Our People & Culture team focuses on all things people, from hiring the best of the best for the Endy Dream Team to providing stellar employee support. The People & Culture team strives to grow and maintain a positive culture for all employees and maintain a safe and inclusive workplace.

Join our team if you are:


You naturally understand people and thrive on being supportive and dependable.



You use sound judgement at all times and exhibit a high level of personal ownership and confidentiality.


Highly Organized

You are skilled at prioritization and are mindful of deadlines.


An Effective Communicator

You have effective verbal and written communication skills (and you’re easy to talk to!)



You strive to help create a fun and positive workspace for all employees.



You are personable and have a strong passion for working with people.




Our Strategy team works cross-functionally to promote overall organizational alignment by determining strategic requirements, setting objectives, and tracking success.

Join our team if you are:

A Powerful Communicator

You have the ability to synthesize complex ideas into clear, actionable, and compelling solutions to bridge strategic thinking with execution.


A Natural Born Leader

You value other team member’s skill sets and contributions, and like to lead by example.



You are consistently driven to ask questions, search for solutions, and discover actionable insights.



You are optimistic and like to envision and execute great ideas.



You like to gather facts and knowledge through testing and measuring in order to make evidence-based decisions.



You challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone without the fear of failure.


Application Timeline

  • Discover 01
    Chat with our People & Culture team about current opportunities at Endy and apply through our Careers website.
  • Talk 02
    Take part in a phone screening with the Coordinator, People & Culture and Hiring Manager
  • Showcase 03
    Complete a short assignment to showcase your skills (if applicable).
  • Meet 04
    Come into our office to meet with the Director, People & Culture and Hiring Manager, along with a few more members of our team.
  • Offer 05
    Receive a job offer to join the Endy Dream Team! 

Our Employee Referral Program

Do you recognize a familiar face? Reach out to them and let them know you’re interested in joining the Dream Team.


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