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    November 04, 2022

    What Happens to Returned Mattresses? How Endy Gives Back to Canadians

    By Bénédicte Pelletier

    Wondering what Endy does with returned mattresses? Our coast-to-coast donation program redirects new and gently-used mattresses to help more Canadians get a better night’s sleep. Get all the details here!

    Over 17,000 donated mattresses

    One of Endy’s founding beliefs is that everyone in Canada deserves a better night’s sleep. Over the years, we’ve donated more than seventeen thousand new and gently used mattresses to people who need them most, like survivors of domestic violence and refugees to Canada.

    “Endy goes above and beyond in this field, which I find so important and it truly shows the Canadian qualities in their business... Knowing the Endy mattresses are donated and recycled instead of sent to the landfills is so comforting to me.”

    — Megan Isenor, Endy Vs. Purple

    When a customer returns a mattress within their 100-night trial, we work with our expansive charity partner network to find it a new home. Donating returned mattresses allows us to give back to our communities while ensuring our amazing products don’t go to waste. We’re proud to make quality sleep more accessible to everyone in an environmentally responsible way!

    At Endy, we’ve worked hard over the last several years to become an industry leader in this area, and we’re excited to keep expanding our program. Want to get involved? Read our social mission to learn more about the program and the charities we work with.

    The Logistics of Donating Returned Endy Mattresses

    So, how does Endy donate returned mattresses? Let’s take a deep dive into the logistics of our mattress return process.

    In Canada, what happens to a mattress when you return it highly depends on the company’s return policy. At Endy, we ask that all returned mattresses be clean and in good condition so they can be donated instead of disposed of. Why throw out an awesome product when it can help someone in need?

    When someone decides to return an Endy mattress, we reach out to our extensive network of coast-to-coast charity partners and arrange a free mattress pick-up. If we have no charity partners in the area, we ask our pick-up partners to take the mattress to a recycling center. If absolutely no service is available in your municipality (for example, in remote or rural areas), our team might ask you to donate your mattress directly to someone in need. In any case, there is no charge to return your Endy Mattress! Between donations and recycling pick-ups, Endy mattresses almost never end up in landfills.

    Now you know what Endy does with returned mattresses: we donate them! We're continuously expanding our pick-up and charity partner network to service more people across the country. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.

    Canadian Quality Meets Lasting Comfort

    We’ve minimized our environmental impact by creating a high-quality product. How does that work? Step 1: We made an award-winning foam mattress people genuinely enjoy sleeping on, so returns are extremely low. Step 2: We use premium materials, so our mattresses are used for a long time—15+ years!* Essentially, once people try an Endy Mattress, they don't want to part with it.

    Step 1: Trusted Quality

    All Endy mattresses are proudly made in Canada with high-grade materials from Canadian foam and textile producers. Using these premium materials, our team of specialized engineers and tradespeople constructed a mattress that's beloved by over half a million Canadians. Between the Endy Mattress having a 4.9-star rating (based on 30,000+ reviews) and award-winning comfort, we have one of the lowest return rates we have seen in the industry.

    It’s all in the construction: Endy mattresses have the perfect balance of comfort and support, great for every type of sleeper, front, side, or back. The Endy Mattress and Endy Hybrid Mattress contain proprietary Endy Comfort Foam, which eliminates pressure points and motion transfer for undisturbed rest throughout the night. Plus, our mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which guarantees your entire mattress, foam and all, is made without harmful pollutants and is safe for your home.

    Step 2: Durable Design

    By creating Canada’s best mattress*, we’re preventing returns and maximizing use. A 15-year* warranty backs each mattress so you can sleep soundly knowing your bed will withstand the test of time.

    While most mattresses are backed by a warranty, ours is one of the longest. Memory foam and traditional innerspring mattresses can soften or sag over time, losing their support (hence the shorter warranty period). The Endy mattresses' longevity can be attributed to our proprietary foam, which retains its shape and perfect support over time. Rather than cycling through low-quality mattresses whose support can diminish after just five years, you’re getting long-lasting comfort and support with Endy.

    Try the Endy Mattress risk-free for 100 nights and experience dreamy high-quality comfort.

    Shop now

    So, what happens to our returned mattresses? The answer is simple. We give back to Canadians.

    We’re dedicated to delivering great sleep to all Canadians. Returned mattresses that don’t make it past the 100-night trial are delivered to people who need them most. Trust Endy to provide lasting quality comfort you’ll enjoy for years to come and support a Canadian brand with an impactful social mission. Remember, if you buy an Endy and return it at the end of your trial, we’ll gladly arrange a free pickup and work to pay it forward. In an industry that can be so wasteful, we’re proud of our socially conscious mattress return program.