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    June 08, 2022

    Soft vs. Firm Mattresses: What’s the Difference?

    By Cheyanne Lobo

    We’re here to compare whether a soft or firm mattress is better for you. Although comfort and firmness levels are totally subjective, we’ll help you discover your perfect mattress feel. Looking at back and hip pain, and how Endy’s medium-firm feel compares to competitors like Douglas, you’ll understand whether you’re better suited for a softer or firmer mattress. So, let’s dive into the different mattress feels.

    Mattress Feel

    Soft Mattresses

    Soft or plush mattresses are usually thick memory foam mattresses or pillowtop mattresses. Pillowtop mattresses have soft material stitched to the top (memory foam, cotton, goose down etc.) to provide a more permanent cloud-like feel.1

    People describe soft mattresses as having sink-in comfort that hugs your body. Although these mattresses are largely considered less supportive than firm mattresses, they are described as more comfortable. Many people recommend soft mattresses for sleepers who are under 130 lbs. However, compared to medium-firm mattresses like Endy, soft mattresses sag and lose their shape over time as pressure is applied and temperatures change.

    Firm Mattresses

    Firm mattresses are usually innerspring or latex. Unlike soft mattresses, these mattresses have significantly more support but lack pillowy comfort. Firm mattresses can be a great option for sleepers with a heavier build and those who sleep on their back or stomach.

    Medium-Firm Mattresses

    Medium-firm mattresses like the Endy Mattress strike that perfect balance between soft and firm. You won’t experience sinking or sagging (like with soft mattresses), and you won’t experience uncomfortable pressure (like with firm mattresses). Medium-firm mattresses are the ideal combination of comfort and support, which is excellent for all sleepers: back, side or stomach.

    Back and Hip Pain

    Those who suffer from back and hip pain know how much of a struggle it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on a too soft or too firm mattress can even exacerbate the pain! Finding out whether a soft or firm mattress is better for managing your aches during the evening is an essential first step to better mornings.

    Soft Mattresses

    Soft mattresses may seem to be a fantastic solution for back pain at face value. After all, they are described as “comfortable,” “pillowy,” and “plush.” However, a mattress with too much sinking or softness won't support your spine or lower back–you’ll bend into the mattress, and your spine will be forced into a “U” shape.2

    Firm Mattresses

    Until recently, firm mattresses have been hailed as the fix-all solution to back pain. But the truth isn’t so simple. As noted in Harvard Health Publishing, “one survey of 268 people with low back pain found that those who slept on very hard mattresses had the poorest sleep quality.”3 Sleeping on a mattress that’s too firm can actually trigger discomfort because it drives into your pressure points and causes misalignment.4 Finding the right firm mattress can help align your neck and back, but it's a delicate balance between firm and too-firm!

    "People with low back pain found that those who slept on very hard mattresses had the poorest sleep quality."

    Medium-Firm Mattresses

    Medium-firm mattresses offer the perfect in-between feel. They maintain the support of a firm mattress while responding to weight in your shoulders and hips like a soft mattress. Spine Health even notes, “one study found that medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.”5 The Endy Mattress, in particular, eliminates pressure points while providing a comfortable bounce. Because it strikes this balance, medium-firm mattresses are great for all sleepers!

    Plus, we know that choosing the right mattress feel is especially important for those who suffer from back and hip pains. That’s why our mattresses come with a 100-night trial. You’ll have the opportunity to sleep on it at home before committing to Endy’s medium-firm feel.

    We backed the Endy Mattress with a true 100-night at-home trial because we want you to be 100% satisfied.

    Shop the Endy Mattress

    If you’re looking for extra softness or firmness with your mattress, the Dual-Comfort Mattress Topper is the perfect addition. The soft side of the topper is made with memory foam for a more medium feeling mattress, and the firm side is made with high-density foam. Experience a perfectly tailored mattress feel with the Dual-Comfort Mattress Topper.

    Enjoy reversible foam precision with one side of the mattress topper offering extra softness and the other side extra firmness.

    Shop the Dual-Comfort Mattress Topper
    Endy Firmness vs. Competitors

    We often get asked, “is Endy firmer than Douglas?” While both mattresses are considered medium-firm, Endy is considered slightly more firm. The Endy Mattress’s feel offers a uniquely comfortable yet supportive sleep experience compared to brands like Douglas. How? Well, it’s all in our mattress layers–let us break it down for you:

    • The top layer has a unique open-cell structure that allows air to pass through cells for optimal breathability. Unlike traditional memory foam, which changes firmness depending on the temperature, Endy Comfort Foam is temperature insensitive, meaning it retains its perfect firmness through every Canadian season.
    • The transition foam layer is essential in providing support, so you never feel like you’re sinking into a too-soft mattress. This meticulously crafted transition foam gives the mattress optimal support, making it ideal for all sleeping positions.
    • Lastly, the high-density foundational layer provides ultimate structural support for the upper layers, creating a perfectly balanced sleep experience.

    Check out our blog post, Endy vs Casper & Purple: What Makes the Endy Mattress Better, to learn more about how Endy comfort compares to other mattresses.

    Bottom Line

    When looking at soft mattresses compared to hard mattresses, the right choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. Looking at back pain and the pros and cons of each mattress feel, we hope this blog post will help make your choice a little easier!