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    March 16, 2022

    Endy vs Casper & Purple: What Makes the Endy Mattress Better

    By Bénédicte Pelletier

    Learn how Endy stands out from competitors and why you should trust Canada’s award-winning mattress for the best sleep of your life.

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    Which Mattress Offers the Best Night’s Sleep?

    When it comes to finding the perfect mattress for you, there is room for personal preference. However, some features are universally better, such as preventing back pain, reducing tossing and turning (as well as second-hand motion), and keeping you at a comfortable temperature. See how the Endy Mattress beats Casper and Purple in every way.

    Firmness & Support

    “​​Endy boasts “perfect firmness,” which I found entirely accurate. I’d describe it as firm, but with a little give. I love that it sinks just the right amount when I lie down.”

    — Chatelaine, Casper Vs. Endy: Which Mattress Is Better? We Put Them To The Test

    The Endy Mattress is a medium-firm mattress designed to reduce pressure to your back and hips for optimal comfort. It’s got excellent support and responsiveness–when you move, the mattress moves with you. Unlike traditional memory foam, Endy Comfort Foam cradles your body without letting you sink in, so your muscles can fully relax into a deep sleep.

    Buy the Endy Mattress online

    No matter what kind of mattress you’re sleeping on now, we can guarantee you’ll love the Endy Mattress. How? Well, a perfect balance of comfort and support means the Endy Mattress is right for all types of sleepers—whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach. Plus, our award-winning mattress has an average star rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, based on over 25k+ reviews—so over 25k+ Canadians of all ages, sizes, and sleep preferences have already fallen in love with it.

    “I did find that the Casper has a little less give than the Endy in that it seems to ‘hug’ your body a little less.”

    — Western Living, Who Makes Canada’s Best Mattress-in-a-Box?
    Motion-Transfer Control

    The Endy Mattress doesn’t just reduce motion transfer—it brings it down to zero. Our mattress’s top layer is made with proprietary Endy Comfort Foam which uses an innovative open-cell structure. So what does that mean, exactly? In plain English, it means every single cell in the mattress acts like a mini shock absorber by releasing air as pressure increases. So even if your partner is tossing and turning next to you, you won’t feel a thing.

    While all foam mattresses offer some amount of motion-transfer control, the advanced technology in Endy’s Comfort Foam is unique to the Endy Mattress.

    Breathability & Coolness

    Traditional memory foam (which many of our competitors use) needs heat to mould to your body shape, which means it also locks in heat.

    The open-cell structure of our Endy Comfort Foam disperses and releases heat faster than other foams to create a cooler sleeping environment. Excellent airflow means you stay cool and dry and your mattress keeps feeling fresh.

    “While the [Casper] mattress was firm and very comfortable, I felt like it didn’t deliver on the breathability promise. I woke up a few nights feeling too warm and ended up adjusting my bedding to accommodate.”

    — Vern Magazine, The Winner: Endy vs. Casper vs. Douglas
    Temperature-Neutral Foam

    Endy Foam is temperature insensitive, unlike traditional memory foam which changes firmness depending on seasonal temperature. This unique feature is a prime example of great design by and for Canadians. Who else would think to account for 50+ degree temperature swings throughout the year? With an Endy Mattress, you enjoy a consistent, comfortable feel through every Canadian season—whether or not you have AC.

    Which Mattress Is Most Convenient?

    Shipping Experience

    Out of the three, the Endy Mattress is the only one designed, manufactured, and shipped in Canada exclusively. On top of getting your mattress delivered faster, choosing Canadian means nothing will ever get stuck at customs. In fact, most Endy orders ship out from our east or west coast warehouses within just one business day (or the same day if you order before 1 pm EST!) Endy, Casper and Purple all offer free shipping to any Canadian province.

    Unboxing & Assembly

    Another factor to consider when purchasing a mattress is how easily you’ll be able to move it to your bedroom. Endy Mattresses ship in a box the size of a hockey bag, so they easily fit through any narrow hallway, tight staircase or attic door. We recommend having a friend or a family member help you move the box. Still, cut-out side handles make it a breeze to carry. Once the mattress is in your bedroom, put it on your bed frame, rip the plastic, and unroll. Watch it expand in minutes—no assembly required.

    When it comes to award-winning sleep, it’s all in the details. Our box design opens horizontally, so the mattress rolls out without effort. On the other hand, Casper’s box opens from the top, so you need to lift it out of the box (and their mattresses can weigh over 100 lbs). Purple mattresses now come in a big, non-recyclable duffle bag. Whichever you pick, remember to lift with your legs, not your back.

    “The Endy mattress came to our door in an easy-to-move, cardboard box, which I couldn’t believe was holding a king-sized bed. I was able to move around easily in order to get it into the bedroom, remove it from the box and set it up all on my own.”

    — Megan Isenor, Endy Vs. Purple

    Which Mattress Is Most Sustainable?

    Always Made in Canada

    Unlike Casper & Purple, 100% of Endy’s mattresses are manufactured right here in Canada.

    Endy was founded in 2015 to give Canadians the very best sleep experience while encouraging local sourcing & production, sustainable practices, and amazing comfort for all. Several years and 300k+ happy sleepers later, we’re staying true to our values with 100% Canadian-made mattresses.

    Giving Back to All Canadians

    Endy’s social mission rests on our founding belief that everyone in Canada deserves a better night’s sleep. Our donation program is unlike any of our competitors—and a huge point of pride for our team.

    Every year, we partner with charities and not-for-profits to donate new and gently used mattresses to those who need them most, including survivors of domestic violence, newly housed youth, and recent immigrants and refugees to Canada.

    “Endy goes above and beyond in this field, which I find so important and it truly shows the Canadian qualities in their business... Knowing the Endy mattresses are donated and recycled instead of sent to the landfills is so comforting to me.”

    — Megan Isenor, Endy Vs. Purple
    CertiPUR-US® + GREENGUARD Gold Certifications

    Endy, Casper, and Purple all have CertiPUR-US® Certified foam inside their mattresses, which is made without VOCs, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

    However, out of the three, ONLY the Endy Mattress has the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, which guarantees extremely low levels of chemical emissions and harmful pollutants for the entire mattress. This certification requires rigorous third-party testing and considers advanced safety factors for children and the elderly. Your top priority is keeping your family safe and healthy—and it’s always been ours, too—so we’d never compromise on this.

    Winner: Best Mattress-in-a-Box in Canada

    The Endy Mattress has been awarded “Best Mattress in Canada” by Ottawa Life Magazine for 3 consecutive years (2019, 2020, 2021). It also won “2020 Product of the Year” in Canada as the best mattress-in-a-box. With over 10 prestigious awards and an average rating of 4.9 (based on over 25k reviews), it’s clear that Endy is the best mattress in Canada.

    “In the end, there was a clear winner for me. Ultimately, I chose the Endy mattress based on three things: affordability, firmness, and heat regulation. Not only did I feel that it was the most affordable option for the experience given, but it was the most luxurious sleep experience.”

    — Vern Magazine, The Winner: Endy vs. Casper vs. Douglas

    My personal pick for best in show is the Endy—again, a surprising choice for me because I’m so accustomed to super firm mattresses. But there’s something about the bed’s plush just-enough sink (and that comfy micro-quilted cover) that my body really agreed with.”

    — Western Living, Who Makes Canada’s Best Mattress-in-a-Box?