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    30 Night Furniture & Decor Trial

    Endy® Platform Bed Frame, Upholstered Bed, Solid Wood Bed, Upholstered Adjustable Bed, Solid Wood Nightstand, Rug, Throw Blanket, Sofa and Ottoman Trial


    Free shipping is available to the 10 provinces in Canada and there is a non-refundable shipping surcharge for orders shipping out to the Canadian Territories. There is no fee or deductible required for the product, and transportation of any replacement is free to any provincial street address in Canada.

    Should you choose a delivery service or option provided directly through one of Endy’s delivery providers, the delivery contract at that point will be directly between you and the delivery partner, not Endy. Endy will no longer be able to act as your primary point of contact for shipping inquires.

    Size Exchanges

    If the incorrect size is ordered, a one-time size exchange will be offered within the 30 Night Trial. This must be communicated to Endy within the first 30 nights. To limit the impact on the environment, Endy will treat a size exchange as completion of the 30 Night Trial. It is strongly recommended to confirm the correct size required before an order is placed.

    Once the replacement product has been received, failure to return the original product will be considered authorization to charge your credit card or PayPal account, for the price of the item.


    Any returned product type will not be eligible for additional subsequent trials (i.e. if you return a Platform Bed Frame, you will not be eligible for another 30 Night Trial on future Platform Bed Frame orders).

    Any environmental and/or customer-inflicted damage will disqualify the ability to exchange or return. Additionally, all returned products must be in good condition and free of stains and/or damage.

    The product, opened or unopened, can only be returned within the 30 Night Trial. In the event of a return, the pickup address can differ from the original delivery address, however it must be a valid street address within any of the Canadian provinces.

    Customer may return a maximum of four (4) pieces of Endy furniture or decor per initial order, validated by the order number, customer name, or shipping address. Please try our products first before ordering in large quantities.

    Some items may require original packaging to return. Please check requirements for your specific product with the Endy Customer Care team.

    Once a return is requested and the required information has been provided, you will be sent a pre-paid shipping label to make the return through FedEx, or for larger items, you will be contacted directly by our pickup partner for your area to schedule an appointment. In urban centers, a partner will usually contact you within 3-7 business days. In rural areas, it may take up to 3 weeks for a suitable pickup partner to be arranged.

    While our partners will do their best to accommodate your requested times, pickups will ultimately be subject to their availability, and will occur only during their operating hours (generally weekdays only).

    You must accommodate pickup by the partner we selected within 3 weeks of being contacted by this partner, or your return request will be voided. If you are outside of the trial period you will not be eligible to make another return request.

    Once the pickup has been completed and confirmed, your refund will be processed back onto the original card used for the purchase. This typically occurs within 5 business days of the pickup. Standard processing time for the funds to be posted by your bank is 3-5 business days.

    If you’ve selected our PayBright financing option, your return might be subject to longer processing times. It may take up to 15 business days after we’ve received your returned item to fully process your refund.


    Promotional codes or offers cannot be combined and promotional codes cannot be used in combination with the financing option available through PayBright.

    We May Modify These Terms at Any Time

    You agree that Endy may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate your access to all or part of its website and resources for any reason, including, without limitations, breach of this User Agreement. This includes that there may be change these Terms at any time. If the changes are material, we’ll let you know by email or posting a notice on the site before the changes go into effect. The notice will designate a reasonable amount of time (the “Notice Period”) after which the new terms will go into effect for all users.

    Any suspected illegal, fraudulent, or abusive activity may be grounds for terminating your relationship and may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities. Upon suspension or termination, your right to use the Resources we provide will immediately cease, and we reserve the right to remove or delete any information that you may have on file with Endy, including any account or login information.


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