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    May 13, 2022

    RV Mattress Guide: Why a Quality Mattress Matters on the Road

    By Bénédicte Pelletier

    If you look at the mattress currently sitting in your RV, chances are it’s the cheap, uncomfortable mattress that came with the vehicle. But sleeping in a non-traditional setting doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comfort or quality of sleep! Getting quality Zzzs every night will ensure you’re fully rested and alert for whatever adventuring (or driving) happens the next day.

    So, let’s dig into the top questions and concerns RV owners have about buying a mattress for their home on wheels!

    What is an RV Mattress?

    RV mattresses are designed to accommodate small living spaces, so they’re usually shorter than regular sizes. Plus, RV mattresses weigh less than traditional mattresses due to load limitations for vehicles. Everyone knows that less weight equals better gas mileage!

    RVs with slide-out beds usually require a mattress less than 6 inches thick. For all other RV beds, choose a standard height mattress (around 10-inches thick) for optimal comfort.

    RV Mattress Sizes

    Since sizing isn’t standardized across all vehicles, RV Mattresses come in many different sizes, including custom ones. One of the most popular RV mattress sizes is the RV Short Queen, which sleeps two adults comfortably. An RV Short Queen mattress has the same width as a Queen mattress but is four inches shorter to save space.

    The Endy Short Queen RV Mattress measures 75" L X 60" W X 10" H.
    Figuring out what size you need

    Time to break out the measuring tape! Measuring your RV bed frame or platform is the best way to know which RV mattress size you should buy. Did you know exposure to light or major temperature swings (like we have here in Canada) can cause mattresses to shrink or expand after several years? Measuring a 10-year-old mattress might give slightly-off results, but measuring your bed frame will tell you exactly what RV mattress size you need.

    Using a home mattress in an RV

    Many people wonder if they can use a regular mattress in a camper, trailer or RV. You can—if your RV bed frame is a standard double, queen or king size and weight restriction isn’t an issue for your vehicle. However, you will need to make sure your bases are covered in terms of airflow (to prevent mould and mildew), temperature control (especially if you don’t have AC), and setup (not all mattresses will fit through your RV door!)

    A Bed Made For Adventure

    • Cooling foam keeps you comfortable with or without AC
    • Temperature-neutral for perfect firmness & support year-round
    • Shipped in a compact box for easy setup
    Shop the Endy RV Mattress

    Common Concerns and Considerations When Replacing an RV Mattress

    Are RV mattresses comfortable?

    They totally can be, but most aren’t—hence why so many people choose to replace the poor quality RV Mattress that came with their RV. Your RV mattress has the potential to be just as comfortable (if not more!) as your home mattress. For example, the Endy RV Mattress offers the same award-winning comfort as the original Endy Mattress. No matter where you rest your head, you can get amazing sleep!

    Will using a foam mattress cause overheating in the summer?

    Not all foam mattresses are created equal. Traditional memory foam mattresses do tend to lock in heat and cause overheating. While high foam density makes a bed more supportive and durable, it used to come at the cost of lower breathability. But not anymore! New technology like Endy’s open-cell foam gives you all the benefits of high-density foam PLUS optimal breathability and cool comfort. Best of both worlds, wouldn’t you say?

    Endy’s proprietary Comfort Foam uses an open-cell structure, allowing air to pass through and move between cells.
    How to prevent mould & moisture accumulation in an RV Mattress

    Humidity levels in an RV or camper can get pretty high. When air can’t circulate through a mattress, condensation forms insides and pools towards the base. Sometimes, intense moisture accumulation can even cause a mattress to get wet underneath! A humid bed is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, so you’ll want to avoid this to protect your family’s health.

    The secret to preventing mould and moisture accumulation in an RV Mattress is to maintain excellent airflow. Ideally, your bed frame or platform should have slats or other features to help air flow through the mattress. Plus, use a quality mattress protector to keep moisture away from your mattress. All in all, the most important factor is how well air flows through the mattress itself—so make sure to look for breathability features when shopping for an RV Mattress replacement.

    How do I keep my RV Mattress clean?

    RV Mattresses get dirty; there’s no way around it. Since living quarters are small in campers and trailers, beds often do double duty as couches, workstations, and play areas (if you have kids or pets). Choosing an RV Mattress with a machine-washable cover is key to keeping your mattress smelling and feeling great for years.

    All Endy Mattresses have an outer cover you can unzip and pop in the washing machine and dryer. Hello, convenient, clean comfort!

    Why Great Sleep Is Important When Adventuring

    When you head out for an adventure in your RV, you probably don’t intend to sleep until noon every day. That doesn’t mean good sleep isn’t important! The higher quality sleep you get, the more energy you’ll have in the morning to be active and make the most of your new surroundings. A quality RV mattress will help you sleep through the night and wake up at your best for the day ahead.

    Last but not least, it goes without saying that sleep deprivation is a major danger on the road. When you’re behind the wheel every day, getting quality Zzzs is crucial for your safety and the safety of others. Investing in your health and wellbeing is always worth it!

    Curious to see the difference a quality RV mattress makes? Order the Endy RV Mattress and take it on the road! All of our mattresses come with a risk-free 100-night trial.