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    August 30, 2022

    Foam Mattresses vs. Spring Mattresses

    By Cheyanne Lobo

    Changing your mattress can be hard on your body. Or too soft. Or too hot. Or too expensive. You get the idea. It’s a big deal, and we know you want to get it right on the first try. That's why we're here to compare foam vs. spring mattresses. But before we jump in, here’s a quick breakdown of the beds we’ll be comparing.

    Foam Mattresses

    Foam mattresses can be created from different foam materials and often include several layers. For instance, the Endy Mattress provides three layers of comfort: a high-density foundational layer, a transition foam layer, and a proprietary Comfort Foam layer.

    Spring Mattresses

    On the other hand, traditional innerspring mattresses are designed with (surprise!) metal springs. Spring mattresses also typically include layers of plush material to increase comfort. The quality of innerspring mattresses depends on how many springs the mattress contains and the materials used in the plush layers.1

    Comparing important features like pressure point relief, motion isolation, and affordability in foam and innerspring mattresses, we’ll help you understand which bed is the best for your needs!

    A third mattress option worth mentioning is the hybrid mattress—it combines both spring support and foam. Although we won’t be directly comparing the hybrid mattress, here’s a breakdown of what hybrid mattresses have to offer:

    Hybrid Mattresses

    While we recommend the foam Endy Mattress for most sleepers, hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice for those who need more support. The Endy Hybrid Mattress includes hundreds of high-carbon steel coils for ergonomic lumbar support and our acclaimed Endy Comfort Foam. Learn more about the Hybrid Mattress

    Perfecting Pressure Points

    Pressure points are the spots on your body sensitive to strain, typically your shoulders, parts of the back, and the buttocks—areas where you feel the most pressure lying down.2 Waking up with discomfort in these spots can affect your entire day. Finding a mattress that eliminates pressure points is the key to waking up refreshed!


    Well-designed foam mattresses respond to your body to relieve pressure points in the areas that need it most. Like memory foam, Endy's proprietary Comfort Foam cradles your shoulders and hips. But unlike memory foam, Comfort Foam is highly resilient and eliminates pressure points with its superior responsiveness. Our foam’s ability to quickly bounce back ensures areas prone to strain, such as your lower back, are properly supported. Trying a foam mattress for your back pain and other morning soreness is a fantastic comfortable choice.


    Innerspring mattresses push back in the surrounding areas where your body weight is applied. Without targeted reinforcement, the uneven relief of innerspring mattresses causes improper support that can lead to aches and pains.3 However, the Endy Hybrid Mattress has zoned lumbar support, meaning, unlike traditional innerspring mattresses it provides additional support to the areas that need it most.

    Keep Your Cool

    Do you sleep with the windows open? Multiple fans blowing in your face? Air conditioning on full blast? Our body temperature naturally fluctuates at night because it’s linked to our circadian rhythm.4 If you find yourself running hot while you sleep, you may be especially sensitive to these changes. Let’s uncover whether foam or spring mattresses are better for a cool night’s sleep.


    Memory foam gets a bad rap for trapping heat because some mattresses rely on body warmth to become more malleable. However, the Endy Mattress isn’t made with memory foam. Instead, we thoughtfully designed our mattress with proprietary Comfort Foam that disperses and releases heat faster than memory foam mattresses. Our Comfort Foam uses an open-cell structure that allows air to pass through and move between cells for optimal breathability. Choosing Endy, you can rest easy knowing you’ll enjoy a cool, comfortable sleeping environment.

    "Our Comfort Foam uses an open-cell structure that allows air to pass through and move between cells for optimal breathability."


    Spring and hybrid mattresses are a great option if you tend to sleep hot at night! Both mattresses have great airflow because air easily passes through the springs, keeping the mattress and you cool.5 If you're looking for breathable sleep, spring, hybrid, and some high-quality foam mattresses are excellent options.

    No More Motion Commotion

    Getting into that perfect sleep position can be challenging. That’s why motion isolation is so important! Finding a mattress that achieves zero motion transfer is necessary for restful snooze sessions, especially if your sleep partner tosses and turns. Let’s see how foam and spring mattresses measure up in motion isolation.


    Foam is designed to limit or achieve zero motion transfer, which means you won’t wake up whoever you’re sharing a bed with. All three layers of the Endy Mattress (including our transition foam layer) work together to provide a gradual transfer of energy. Plus, individual air cells only absorb the pressure applied directly to them, so tossing and turning won’t affect the other side of the bed. With Endy’s zero motion transfer capabilities, you can roll around without disturbing your sleep partner.


    Innerspring beds are the bounciest of all mattress options because they have very little shock absorbency.6 Since the springs are reactive to pressure, you’re more likely to wake up your sleeping partner as you switch sleeping positions or make a midnight bathroom run. For the Endy Hybrid Mattress, however, springs do not affect shock absorbency since the Hybrid Mattress uses the same foam technology as the Endy Mattress to achieve zero motion transfer.

    Quality Paired With Affordability

    We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so you should feel confident about the mattress you choose to snooze on.7 Considering overall quality and price, here’s how foam and spring mattresses compare.


    Looking at other options, foam mattresses may seem expensive. However, being an e-commerce mattress brand, Endy balances quality you can trust with affordability. We even have financing options available so you can experience Endy’s luxury feel without the luxury price tag. If you’re looking to learn more about our pricing, here are some of the factors that go into determining the cost of the Endy Mattress:

    • Quality foam and hybrid mattresses like ours last for a long time—up to 15 years!*
      • Contrary to popular belief, spring-only mattresses should be replaced about every five years because their design promotes sagging.8
    • Endy mattresses use premium foam which is incredibly durable.
      • High-quality mattresses will retain their shape over time without that hot sinking feeling.
    • The Endy Mattress and Endy Hybrid Mattress have unique features that spring mattresses and some memory foam mattresses lack, like pressure point relief, breathability, and zero motion transfer.
    • All our mattresses are proudly Canadian-made for comfort and quality you can trust.


    Spring-only mattresses don’t cost much to manufacture, but their support diminishes after one year of use.9 Because spring mattresses have been around for so long, they have various price points–but remember, expensive doesn’t always mean better.10 It’s all about finding brands that focus on quality design while supporting your needs.

    The Bottom Line

    So, are spring mattresses better than foam? Or are foam mattresses better than spring? Ultimately the choice is yours! We just hope this breakdown informs your decision when it comes time to replace your mattress.

    If you found foam mattresses piqued your interest while reading, learn more about the Endy Mattress for the best in comfort and support.

    Try the Endy Mattress risk-free for 100 nights. Get the best sleep of your life or your money back.

    Learn more about our 100-night trial

    If you’re looking for extra support while you sleep, and both spring and foam piqued your interest, learn more about the Endy Hybrid Mattress.

    *This blog post is intended for informational purposes only, and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Visit the links within the text for sources. Endy has not independently verified the sources.