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    Left Hand

    The Endy Referral Program

    Share your Endy link to give friends $55 off their first Endy Mattress. The more friends you refer, the more you earn. Everyone wins.

    The Endy Mattress
    Right Hand
    Amazon Gift Card

    Whenever your friends purchase a mattress using your referral link, you earn $55 towards a gift card of your choice*

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    Visa Gift Card

    Start spreading the snooze

    Step One

    Share your link

    Send your referral link to your friends.

    Step Two

    They spend

    Your friends get $55 to use towards their Endy purchase.

    Step Three

    You earn

    The more your link is used, the more money you earn.

    The ENDY Mattress

    You snooze, you win

    Get a better night's rest with the Endy Mattress. Shipping is fast and free to any Canadian province, and your purchase is risk-free with our 100 Night Trial. If we're not a match made in your dreams, we'll pick it up and give you a full refund.

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