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    Our Story

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    How It All Started

    Endy was founded because a great sleep surface is essential to our well being. We feel that Canadians deserve a company that just gets it right.

    Man in the Endy office. Man in the Endy office.

    Early on, we discovered that manufacturing entirely in Canada allows us to design an amazingly comfortable mattress with Canadians in mind.


    Research & Design

    We learn deeply about sleep surface preferences and design only the best features into the Endy



    Highest grade materials sourced from industry leading Canadian foam and textile producers



    Made in Canada by our team of specialised tradespeople



    Streamlined, efficient, no border distribution from coast to coast across Canada

    A Sleep Store at Your Fingertips

    We've bypassed traditional brick and mortar
    retail and have made shopping for sleep
    simple and easy.

    Perfecting Your Sleep Experience

    We at Endy set out to design, make,
    and deliver an amazing mattress for a fraction
    of the cost of other major retailers.

    Winner of the Techweek Innovation Award.

    We’re obsessed with the details, so you can rest easy.

    Meticulously designed & crafted for an amazingly comfortable sleep.

    • Woman with a dog on an Endy Mattress with an Endy Mattress box.
    • Family lying in pile on top of an Endy Mattress box.
    • French bulldog next to two Endy Pillows and boxes.
    • Woman in pajamas and a sleep mask next to an Endy mattress box.
    • Brother and sister laughing while playing on an Endy Mattress.
    • Woman petting her dog next to Endy Mattress box

    The Mattress Canadians Are Falling in Love With

    The Endy Mattress has been tried and reviewed by thousands of Canadians coast to coast.



    Mattresses Sold Across Canada

    Shop Now

    “A new raft of mattress makers is changing the way we shop, by making online ordering, front-door delivery and a one-style-fits-all philosophy the new (less exhausting) standard”

    The Globe and Mail logo.