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    The Endy Mattress

    Canada’s Award-Winning Mattress

    Days Hours Minutes

    Best Mattress in Canada Winner
    #1 Most Trusted Mattress-in-a-Box Brand in Canada Winner* ‡Voted most trusted Mattress-in-a-box brand by Canadian shoppers based on the 2022 BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study
    4.9 out of 5 star rating Average rating in 25,000+ customer reviews ‡4.9 average star rating based 25,000+ customer reviews
    2020 Product of the Year Award Winner* ‡Voted winner 'Best Mattress-in-a-Box' category for Product of the Year by consumers
    Winner of the Product Innovator Award

    It’s What Is Inside That Counts

    Endy was scientifically engineered for maximum comfort through extensive lab testing.
    This means Canadians can rest easy knowing Endy has their back night after night.

    Why Is Endy Better
    than the Rest?

    Endy mattresses have a proprietary open cell comfort layer that is supporting our mission for a better slept Canada.


    Endy's comfort layer evenly distributes pressure points on your body to reduce tossing and turning - so you can relax more fully into your sleep.


    Endy mattresses dramatically reduce motion transfer between you and your partner. So you can rest undisturbed - and rejuvenate more deeply


    Our comfort foam supports your body's unique needs faster than other foam mattresses. So you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer - and wake up feeling powerful.


    Endy mattresses are designed with foam that disperses and releases heat faster than traditional memory foam to create a cooler sleeping environment - so you can get the uninterrupted, restorative rest you need.

    The Perfect Match for Your Bed Frame

    Traditional Frames

    Slatted Bed

    Endy mattresses work on many different bed frames making it an easy transition to better sleeps ahead. Visit our FAQ page for more detailed information.

    Join the


    Canadians who are waking up to a new day in sleep.

    Non Toxic

    Made in Canada

    Built to Last

    Latex Free

    We’ve Got You Covered

    • A true 100 night at home trial

    • A warranty to help you sleep soundly

    • Fast and easy shipping

    Available for the Endy Mattress

    Why Endy Vs Memory Foam

    No More Pressure

    Endy Comfort Foam reduces pressure points through its open cell structure and its limited sensitivity to temperature, allowing it to adjust faster to your body.

    Cool as a Cucumber

    Endy’s proprietary comfort foam uses open air cell structure, which allows for air to pass through and move between cells.

    Lasts All Night - and Forever

    The Endy mattress has been engineered and tested in Canadian labs to ensure it’s a high-quality product that will last the test of time.

    Heat-Activated Compression

    Traditional memory foam uses a combination of body heat and weight to tailor itself to the body. This means it’s relieving pressure points when you’re hot.

    Too Hot to Handle

    Traditional memory foam needs heat to mold to your body shape, which also means it locks in heat.

    Breaks Down Over Time

    Heat-activated compression accelerates how quickly the foam breaks down, so over time, traditional memory doesn’t retain the same density as Endy Comfort Foam.

    Canadians Love Their Endy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the Mattress Sleep Hot?
    What type of bedframe do I use?
    What is the 100 Night Trial?
    What happens to returns?
    When can I expect my Endy Mattress?