What is Open Air Cell Foam?

What is Open Air Cell Foam?

Linda Nguyen | May 22, 2019

There are a lot of things to learn about and consider before investing in a new mattress, especially if you’re transitioning to foam mattress. While convenience and price are major deciding-factors, knowing the ins and outs of the mattress you’re thinking about buying is important so you can have a great night’s sleep every night.

In your hunt for the perfect mattress, you’ve probably stumbled across the term open air cell foam. Let’s break down what this means:

Open air cell foam is cushiony-soft because the walls of each cell aren’t completely closed. This means that air can flow freely between the spaces of the memory foam so you stay cool throughout the night and get the quality night’s rest you deserve. Conversely, closed cell foam is much denser because each cell is closed off. They resist airflow, which makes it optimal for insulation or foundational support.

Here at Endy, we’ve done the research and development to create what we think is the most comfortable mattress for all types of sleepers. Canadian-made, the Endy Mattress features a proprietary Endy Comfort Foam that has a unique open air cell structure that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, plus temperature control, pressure relief, and reduced motion transfer so you won’t wake a sleeping partner.

Don’t get it twisted – Endy foam isn’t like your traditional memory foam. It’s temperature insensitive, which means it won’t sink like quicksand in the summer or feel as hard as a rock in the winter. As Canadians, we know that Mother Nature likes her twists and turns, but this mattress will stay the same no matter what she feels like doing.

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