The One New Year’s Resolution You’ll Actually Want to Keep

The One New Year's Resolution You'll Actually Want to Keep

Linda Nguyen | Jan. 4, 2020

Whether your mantra is “new year, new me” or not, there’s something special in the air for 2020. Maybe it’s the evenness of the number, but it feels like this new decade presents an opportunity to find balance in our lives.

Finding motivation when we’re running on low energy can make it difficult to pursue new endeavours, so for this new year and beyond, we reckon that the best New Year’s resolution is—yes, you guessed it—sleep.

We admit that it’s not the most original resolution, but it tends to be the one most forgotten despite it being integral to the success of the more popular resolutions, i.e. healthier diet, less alcohol, more exercise, etc.

In need of some persuasion? Here’s why sleep should be your New Year’s resolution:

Make better decisions

Weighing your options and being decisive can be difficult when you haven’t had enough shut eye, so make sure you achieve adequate rest—it varies per person—for easier decision-making.

Sleep for your health

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “researchers have associated persistent lack of sleep with conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even certain types of cancer.” So sleep! Your health depends on it.

Heighten your performance

The best athletes around the world know that peak performance comes from including a lot of rest into their demanding routines. Therefore, make like an athlete and restore your body with enough rest to hit the ground running every day!

Improve your relationships

“Be a better person” is a common New Year’s resolution, but have we stopped to consider that the first step to achieving this is a good night’s rest? Lack of sleep has a knack for making us grumpy, sometimes to the point where we’re unapproachable. As well, a study reported that sleep deprivation “adversely affects the recognition of subtle facial cues of happiness and sadness.” Therefore, emotional recognition and empathy is reliant on being well-rested.

Keep calm by sleeping on

Have you ever lost your temper and made a mountain over a molehill? It may be because you’re short on sleep. Not prioritizing sleep can alter how we respond emotionally to challenging situations. A study concluded that their sleep-deprived volunteers showed “a failure in top-down, prefrontal control” and that a full night’s rest could “correct brain reactivity to next-day emotional challenges.”

See? Increasing your chances of achieving your goals, whatever they may be, rests on getting a better night's rest on a consistent basis. And if you're in the market for something amazingly comfortable to rest your body on, we know just the thing that Canadians coast-to-coast can't stop raving about.

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