The Most Common Dreams & What They're Trying to Tell You

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    The Most Common Dreams & What They're Trying to Tell You

    Kayla Musyj | June 2, 2015

    We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and each night we have up to five dreams. Our dreams are an untapped resource, a surplus of unconscious signals that both alert and guide action in waking life. However, interpreting every single dream you have can be both time consuming and challenging. Luckily, we’ve created a list of the most common dreams to help you out.


    These types of dreams can be terrifying, but they aren’t actually about being chased. They symbolize avoidance of problems in your waking life. When you have these dreams, ask yourself what you’re running away from, then stop running and face the situation!


    Dreams about your teeth falling out symbolize anxieties and insecurities about loss or life changing events. The pain and horror you experience in the dream is directly proportionate to the fear you feel in waking life.


    This classic dream reflects a feeling of vulnerability in waking life that has been bothering you. Have you ever noticed how no one else in the dream even notices your nudity? This is your unconscious telling you that you’re the only person putting time and energy into this situation.


    Dreams of your significant other cheating on you can immediately elicit feelings of alarm and horror, but fear not: these dreams rarely (if ever) mean there’s an actual affair going on. However, these dreams are showing you that something is getting in the way of your relationship and you feel ‘cheated’ of your time together.


    These are the dreams we aim for. Feelings of soaring through the air manifest themselves after you’ve freed yourself from a difficult or stressful situation. Think of it as a prize for dealing with your personal stuff.