Take-out Foods That Won't Ruin Your Sleep

Take-out Foods That Won't Ruin Your Sleep

Linda Nguyen | Mar. 20, 2019

Not all of us have the luxury of eating dinner at the same time each night. With the demands of shift work, a late night at the office, or a bunch of evening errands, getting home later than usual happens more often that we’d like. And when you’re finally home, you’re exhausted without an ounce left to give to chop, season, and stir at the stove.

There are plenty of food apps available to solve this dilemma, but there’s a catch: what’s conveniently orderable can actually hinder a good night’s rest.

So what’s equally good for your tastebuds and for your sleep? Find out below.


Some like a good spicy kick to their food, but too spicy of a meal can lessen the amount of Z’s you catch at night. That, plus fried foods and red meat. Portion control is also major, as you’re unlikely to find a comfy sleep position when you feel like a balloon stretched thin. Good eating habits, like actively thinking about how full you’re becoming, is also important, which means eating in front of a screen is a no-no.


For a restful night, order foods that feature whole grain carbs, lean protein (chicken and fish), or dairy that’s rich with tryptophan. As well, plenty of veggies, fruits, and nuts are good snoozing foods thanks to the potassium and melatonin they offer.

Here are some cuisines to choose from so you can enjoy what you eat and sleep too.


A fiesta of flavours in your mouth can lead to a solid siesta throughout the night. Opt for chicken or fish over pork and steak, as the latter two are harder to digest. Throw in lots of veggies and sprinkle on some cheese to satisfy your palate, if that’s your thing. Craving fish tacos? They’re a mucho bueno food choice.


Sushi, especially made with brown rice, is a solid take-out option because it’s packed with lean protein and fibre—hello, avocado! The portions aren’t oversized either so you can stay aware of how full you’re getting. Sadly, the goodness of tempura and spicy rolls are no good for you sleep wise.


While we’re aware that this cuisine can be spicy, it’s still possible to enjoy all of the incredible flavours without messing up your sleep. Saag paneer—a combo of veggies and cheese—or tandoori chicken are great options for uninterrupted Z’s.

Happy eating, and happy sleeping!


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