How To Train Yourself To Lucid Dream

How To Train Yourself To Lucid Dream

Linda Nguyen | May 6, 2019

Lucid dreaming is the realization that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming, and you’re able to actively participate in your subconscious world. We aren’t normally self-aware when we’re dreaming, but when we’re lucid dreaming, our brains go into “wake mode,” allowing us to consciously participate in our dreams.

Lucid dreaming typically occurs in REM sleep and have helped scientists conduct studies to locate the brain’s metaconscious, which reveals the areas of the brain that become activated when we become aware of ourselves in our dreams.

This dream inception isn’t a random occurrence either – you can train yourself to do it, and we’re going to tell you how.


Everyone has about 3-7 dreams per night, but most of us instantly forget them upon waking up. Facilitating lucid dreaming begins with developing the right habits. Keeping a dream journal, or some time of writing surface and reliable pen, on your nightstand will improve your dream recall.


Getting into the habit of performing reality checks in when you’re awake is important because scenarios are constantly changing in dreams. Whether you’re checking the clock or looking at writing on the wall, the trick is to perform enough reality checks that they become second nature. That way when you’re dreaming, you’ll be able to check and realize if something’s off.


Next comes mastering the technique called Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dreams (MILD). As you doze off, recall a recent dream and imagine becoming lucid. It helps to repeat a phrase to yourself like “Next time I’m dreaming, I will remember I’m dreaming,” and visualizing yourself in the dream.


The success rate of achieving lucid dreaming comes from waking up in the middle of the night, getting up for 30 minutes, and going back to sleep with lucid intentions in mind. This means as you’re actively imagining yourself in the dream as you fall back asleep.


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