How To Care For Your Pillows

How To Care For Your Pillows

Linda Nguyen | May 15, 2019

Whether you’re smooshing your face into it, clutching it, or using it to add to a pillow fort, your pillow is the fluffy cloud that’s there for you every night. Just as we make the effort to wash our bedding, pillows deserve TLC too… just not as often (we recommend every six months) to remove sweat, dust, and allergens.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to choosing what your pillow is filled with and the type of fabric it’s dressed in. We get that there’s a lot going on, that’s why we put together a list of tips so you can maximize the longevity of your pillow, no matter what you’ve got. Read more below!

Can you wash foam pillows?

Foam pillows don’t do well in washing machines, but their removable covers are fair game. Any dust build-up on your foam pillow can easily be removed using a vacuum and its upholstery tool.

Can you wash down or feather pillows?

Yes, pillows filled with either of these materials can be washed safely.

Can you put down or feather pillows in the dryer?

Yes, pillows are dryer-safe. Dry using low heat, especially to avoid potential fabric shrinkage. If you’re concerned about clumping, throw in a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls to speed up dryer and to work out the clumps.

Can you wash pillows in a front-loading washer?

Yes, it’s totally safe to put pillows in a front-loading washer. Keep in mind that two pillows is probably all your washer can balance. Overcrowding will result in nothing getting washed properly.

Can you leave your pillow unfluffed?

In our eyes, there’s no such thing as too much pillow fluffing. Whether it’s every morning, right before bed, or a few times during its drying cycle, fluffing your pillow will keep it poofy and perfect for your head.

Can you spot-treat your pillow?

Stains happen no matter the object. For marks left on your pillow, use a little bit of mild soap, warm water, and the bristles toothbrush to remove the stain.

Can you put a pillowcase on if your pillow isn't dry yet?

We highly recommend ensuring that your pillow is completely dry before putting on its pillowcase because lingering moisture since your pillow’s fill can lead to mold growth.

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