Endy Helps Families In Need Of Mattresses

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    Endy Helps Families In Need Of Mattresses

    Post By Mike Gettis | 2017

    This spring, ENDY Sleep joined forces with Furniture Bank to provide quality mattresses for those in need. To date, we’ve been able to help over 50 families transitioning out of homelessness or displacement sleep a bit easier with ENDY mattresses.

    When we first heard about the Furniture Bank’s mission of supporting individuals and families trying to make a fresh start, we wanted to help. And when we learned that the one item continually in short supply were mattresses in good condition, need and opportunity were matched.

    ENDY Sleep provides a 100-night, risk-free trial for all of our mattresses. Although only a small percentage of our customers claim this offer, for those that do we are now able to give new life to these mattresses. They are picked up and assessed by Furniture Bank for quality and cleanliness, then chosen by clients and delivered to their homes.

    Furniture Bank's Noah Kravitz gives the Endy Sleep team an orientation of their premises in Toronto, ON.


    It ranges from those going through unemployment and hard times, to women and children escaping abusive situations, to new Canadians making a fresh start. Together with Furniture Bank we are literally helping people in need get up off the floor.

    With the Furniture Bank team involved with our customers right at the service level, it is a unique and close partnership. Living and working in the GTA, our start up team strongly identifies with their mission to help those who need it most, right in our own community. After visiting their office and lending a hand for an afternoon volunteering, we are impressed by their facilities, their people, and the passion they have for the important work that they do.

    As their shortage of mattresses (about 10,000 a year) greatly exceeds our returns, we are also partnering with them and our local suppliers in other ways to further address this need in the near future. We look forward to helping more families get the mattresses they need in the months to come.

    Post by Mike Gettis, CEO Endy Sleep

    Dan Kershaw, Executive Director of Furniture Bank - Toronto, and Endy Sleep CEO Mike Gettis converse during the mattress company's visit to the charitable furniture store.