Bedroom Essentials: Endy's Holiday Gift Guide

Bedroom Essentials: Endy’s Holiday Gift Guide

Linda Nguyen | Dec. 6, 2019

This holiday season, our mantra is simple: All cozy; no chill. Because we’re always dreaming about a better slept Canada, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide so you can assemble the coziest bedroom ever.

If you know anything about us, we’re proud of our Canadian roots and love celebrating what other Canadians are creating. So, if you’re still on the hunt for amazing gift ideas, it’s your lucky day because these gems are right under your nose. An added sweet is that all of these can be purchased online so you can avoid the cold outdoors.

Like we said: All cozy; no chill. Browse the items of this bedroom below!

A - MacAusland’s Woollen Mill Tweed Lap Blanket

An incredibly cozy throw is a given. This one from MacAusland’s Woollen Mill is stunning in its design while also providing the warmth you need to never leave your nesting spot.

MacAusland’s Woollen Mill Tweed Lap Blanket, $120. Available here.

B - Studio Eeuwes Cushion

Canadian designer Liz Eeuwes creates an array of high quality home decor that celebrates traditional weaving techniques. Studio Eeuwes also offers bespoke rug design services, so contact her for your custom rug needs!

Studio Eeuwes Stars Cushion, $150. Available here.

C - The Endy Pillows

Got your head in the clouds? Rest your head on a cloud! The Endy Pillow is filled with a removable shredded bamboo charcoal foam, which means you can customize its height for your precise comfort.

Endy Pillows, starting at $80. Available here.

D - Vitruvi Terracota Stone Diffuser

Diffuse your stress and worries away using essential oils and this beautiful diffuser from Vitruvi. Its matte finish brings the right amount of texture to be the perfect piece of decor in your bedroom.  

Vitruvi Terracota Stone Diffuser, $119. Available here.

E - Little Button Club Prints

Toronto designer Megan Keogh has crafted the perfect array of handmade goods, especially her printable art, which is the perfect thing to dress your walls with something nice.

Little Button Club Prints, $8. Available here.

F - Mary Young Oli Robe

Wrap yourself up in this perfect robe to shield yourself from the chill should you leave the comfort of your bed. Who knew comfort and coziness could be so easily achieved with one article of clothing?

Mary Young Oli Robe, $122. Available here.

G - Aborist Fireside Slippers

Cold feet? Sink your feet into these incredibly cozy slippers that have the aesthetic of your favourite camp sock. With its soft sherpa lining, this is the only thing you’re going to want to dress your feet in throughout the entire holiday season.  

Aborist Fireside Slippers, $28. Available here.

H - F. Miller Necessity Kit

Miller’s Necessity Kit is what it is: a necessity. Whether you’re staying put or en route home for the holiday season, nourish and hydrate your skin with this travel-friendly set of essentials.

F. Miller Necessity Kit, $145. Available here.

I - Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline

Inspired by a traditional Métis story, Rogarou, Dimaline crafts a story about Joan, who has been looking for her husband, Victor, who disappeared nearly a year ago. She finds him, but he’s no longer Victor. He’s now Reverend Eugene Wolff who has a mission to bring people to Jesus. With a little help, Joan is on a mission to get her husband back and figure out what actually happened to him.

Empire of Wild, $29.95. Available here.

J - Days by Moonlight by André Alexis  

From the writer of the award-winning Fifteen Dogs, comes Days by Moonlight, a novel about botanist, Alfred Homer, who goes on a journey with his parents’ friend, Professor Bruno, to investigate the story of a poet whose ghost is said to haunt some souls throughout southern Ontario.

Days by Moonlight, $19.95. Available here.

K - Province Apothecary Detoxifying + Clarifying Mask

Blended with mineral-rich clay, this refining mask will give your skin an undeniable glow while smoothing your skin’s texture, cleansing your pores, and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Province Apothecary Detoxifying + Clarifying Mask, $58. Available here.

L - Nesting by Nightingale Crescent Moon Macrame  

Up the charm-factor of your bedroom decor with this dreamy crescent moon made by Toronto macrame maker Nesting by Nightingale. Soft and subtle, it’s just the thing your bedroom needs.

Nesting by Nightingale Crescent Moon Macrame, $46. Available here.

M - The Endy Weighted Blanket

Keep calm and sleep on. The Endy Weighted Blanket is designed to provide a more relaxing sleep by evenly distributing weight across your body. At 15 lbs., it's feels like a soothing hug – who doesn't want that? – and promotes Deep Pressure Therapy.

Endy Weighted Blanket, $195. Available here.

N - Studio Eeuwes Cushion

Here’s another cushion from Canadian designer Liz Eeuwes. Her craftsmanship is unparalleled and one you’ll definitely want to give your bedroom that extra something special.

Studio Eeuwes Moose Cushion, $130. Available here.

O - Vancouver Candle Co.

A nice-smelling candle can really set the mood for ultimate relaxation. The Vancouver Candle Co. has an incredible array of aromas to choose from so you can fill your bedroom with whatever smell of relaxation suits your fancy.  

Vancouver Candle Co. Various scents, starting at $20. Available here.

P - The Innocents by Michael Crummy

Best-selling and award-winning author Michael Crummey has written a heart-wrenching novel about an orphaned brother and sister fighting for their survival on Newfoundland’s northern coastline. As they endure the storms and rocky shores, their sibling loyalty is put to the test as they learn more about their individual selves.

The Innocents, $32.95. Available here.

Q - Just Let Me Look At You: On Fatherhood by Bill Gaston  

Bill Gaston writes a remarkable memoir about alcohol, fishing, and everything else that fathers and sons won’t say to each other. It captures how tenderness of how love is expressed, even if it’s too late.

Just Let Me Look At You: On Fatherhood, $24.95. Available here.

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