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    8 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

    Linda Nguyen | Nov. 25, 2019

    The chances of you hearing about essentials oils through a friend or a headline is pretty high—essential oils are all the rage when it comes to benefitting your wellness and sleep. Along with being nice to smell, essential oils are an all-natural remedy to help you unwind so you’re sooner snoozin’ instead of cruisin’ through your thoughts.

    Word to the wise: If this is your first time using essential oils for sleep, it doesn’t hurt to consult your family doctor or chosen health practitioner. Essential oils should be used through a diffuser or diluted before applying to your skin. When applying an essential oil for the first time, test on a small patch of skin. Some of the recommended areas to apply are the bottoms of your feet, wrists, temples, behind your ears, and under your nose.


    There’s a reason why people always mention lavender when it comes to sleep–it works! Studies have shown that lavender’s stress-relieving properties allows you to drift off to dreamland easy peasy.

    Try it: Aromaforce Lavender Essential Oil


    In the world of herbal sleepy time teas, valerian root is no stranger. The essence of the tiny pink florals has shown to improve the quality of your sleep as well as ease insomnia.

    Try it: Prairie Doctor Brand Valerian


    With its comforting woodsy aroma, sandalwood can have a sedative effect that can ease anxiety and help individuals sink into relaxation.

    Try it: Aura Cacia Sandalwood Essential Oil


    This citrusy essential oil is a stimulating scent that effectively calms you down by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

    Pro tip: Bergamot is photosensitive, meaning it makes your skin more sensitive when exposed to the sun. If you apply topically, avoid going outside.

    Try it: Aromaforce Bergamot Essential Oil

    Roman Chamomile

    We’re all quite familiar with a cup of chamomile tea before bed, but Roman chamomile as an essential packs an even more powerful sleepy punch as research has shown it to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality with it’s peaceful, floral scent.

    Try it: Divine Essence Roman Chamomile Organic Essential Oil

    Clary Sage

    Not to be confused with regular sage, clary sage oil works wonders when it comes to relaxation and research has shown to minimize hormones related to stress, like cortisol, so you can rest easy.

    Try it: Aromaforce Clary Sage Essential Oil


    Derived from the berries of cedar trees (as well as needles, leaves, and bark), cedarwood can have many benefits to the human body. From you scalp to your skin, cedarwood oil has a sedative effect, so say so long to your restless nights!

    Try it: Penny Lane Organics Cedarwood Essential Oil 

    Sweet Marjoram

    The pleasant scent of sweet marjoram works for alleviating cold symptoms as well as relaxation before bedtime. A study revealed that sweet marjoram was used as aromatherapy for nurses who worked monthly rotating shifts, yielding positive results in their quality of sleep.

    Try it: Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

    Published January 11th 2021

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