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    Get your Endy Mattress
    for as low as $113/mo

    Get your Endy Mattress
    for as low as $113/mo

    with interest-free financing.*


    'Endy boasts 'perfect firmness,' which I found entirely accurate.'


    Winner of the Techweek Innovation Award

    4.8-Star Reviews

    Average Customer Rating in over 11,000 reviews

    Canadian Living

    'I love this mattress.'

    Proudly Canadian Made

    Proudly Canadian Made

    Decorative laurel.

    2019 WinnerBest Mattress in Canada

    Ottawa Life.
    Decorative laurel.

    A Canadian made mattress with perfect firmness, shipped to your door.

    • Breathable & Cool
      Breathable & Cool
    • Perfect Firmness & Support
      Perfect Firmness & Support
    • Zero Motion Transfer
      Zero Motion Transfer

    Complete your Endy Collection

    • The Endy Bed Frame

      Starting from $420

      10 mins
      The Endy Bed Frame
    • The Endy Mattress Protector

      Starting from $85

      The Endy Mattress Protector
    • The Endy Pillows

      Starting from $80

      The Endy Pillows

    Endy boasts 'perfect firmness' which I found entirely accurate.


    See what our 150,000+ customers are saying

    We've Got You Covered

    • A true 100 night at home trial*
      A true 100 night at home trial*
    • A warranty to help you sleep soundly*
      A warranty to help you sleep soundly*
    • Fast and easy shipping
      Fast and easy shipping

    *Available for the Endy Mattress

    The Endy Mattress The Endy Mattress The Endy Mattress

    Sleep on it. Literally.

    If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll come pick it up from you and give you a full refund.

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